Paediatric Palliative Care Foundation Programme

Paediatric Palliative Care Foundation Programme

This blended learning programme is a mix of online learning and face to face teaching, developed and taught by experts and experienced staff who work in paediatric palliative care at the Louis Dundas Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Delivery methods include lectures, small group work and facilitated discussions. Online learning activities complement the taught elements of the programme. Course participants must complete these activities prior to starting the course, and between the two taught days.

It is important that participants and their employers are aware of the importance of scheduling adequate time to complete the online learning activities. These are provided to help participants to connect the taught sessions with their own clinical practice.

what you will learn

  • The definition of children’s palliative care. 
  • An awareness of policy and care pathways. 
  • How to recognise a child or young person’s palliative care needs.
  • Exploration of the concept of symptom management. 
  • Identification of the tools that can be used in your own clinical settings. 
  • Exploration of partnerships with hospices and community partners. 


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