Bilevel ventilation: using the stellar 100 (online)

Bilevel ventilation: using the stellar 100 (online)

This e-learning course is aimed primarily at trainee clinical physiologists in the Sleep Unit and nursing staff who care for patients using bilevel ventilation, particularly the ResMed Stellar 100 ventilator. 

Non invasive ventilation (NIV) refers to the administration of ventilator support without using an invasive artificial airway. NIV use has markedly increased over the past two decades and NIV is now an integral tool in both acute and chronic respiratory conditions and used in the home, ward and critical care unit environment.

Bilevel ventilation is a form of NIV that can aid treatment in patients with a wide range of conditions that impact on respiration including muscle weakness and central sleep apnoea.

what you will learn

This module outlines the practicalities of caring for a patient using Bilevel ventilation with particular focus on the ResMed Stellar 100 ventilator and includes access to the user manual if required.


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